ONLINE SOTAI EXERCISE for Bowtech Practitioners

Sotai was originally created by Japanese physician Keizo Hashimoto, to support the patients’ needs for corrective exercise. As a supplement to the Bowtech treatment, Sotai exercise can be easily incorporated into everyday life. It can assist patients in accepting responsibility for their health by becoming more active between therapy sessions and provides a firm foundation for present and future wellbeing.

Applying the Bowtech “less is more” principle to exercise therapy, Sotai is easy to learn and effortless to utilize. Most importantly, it can be used by patients as a simple home remedy to alleviate musculoskeletal disorders, and restore fascial elasticity in order to release tension, improve organ function and restore health and equilibrium.


for Bowtech Practitioners

8 + 8 hours Continuing Education

Part A – starting 23/5/2020:


Part B – starting 6/6/2020
(prerequisite Part A):


Part A&B – starting 23/5/2020:


Seminar on techniques to:

  • reduce pain by correcting structural imbalancesreduce pain by correcting structural imbalances,
  • enhance dynamic stability, flexibility, range of motion and mobility,
  • increase muscle strength,
  • increase recovery speed,
  • improve functional performance,
  • improve kinaesthetic responsiveness.

Cost includes detailed videos and seminar notes and certificate of participation by email upon completion of each part.